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We're here to make our cities greener, healthier and wilder

About Us

This is our new online home for everyone interested in making our cities National Park Cities.

We believe that the best way we can do this is to help citizens, communities and visitors appreciate the potential for a rich cultural and healthy life anchored in the city’s outdoor heritage, and demand sustainable improvements, as well as collaborate with and connect the people and organisations who can make this happen.

Most of the world’s population lives in cities. What happens in cities directly affects people’s health. It also decides if nature can thrive and if we can keep our climate safe and stable.

In a National Park City, people and nature are healthy and happy. It’s a place full of wildlife, where every child and young person benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors.

National Park Cities are about a truly sustainable future - from growing local food and learning new skills to adapting to climate change. National Park Cities are where people can enjoy plenty of green space, breathe clean air and water that is clear and fresh. They are about having a vision for the whole city - it is about the street corner, the bike track and the blocks of flats as much as it is about the parks, trees and the rivers.

We want to be able to shape our societies so that we can all live lives that are harmonious with ourselves, our communities and the planet.

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